The power cord for my laptop was not here by noon yesterday as promised, so I checked for it in our FedEx account online. They had no record of it at all.

So I called the hotel to ask for a shipping # and discovered that it was STILL THERE.

Grrr! Grr! Gnashing of teeth.

Despite being set up for shipment Monday morning (actually, Sunday evening) it was still waiting at the Rocky Hill Marriott (do not get me started on Marriott. This is not my first aggravating experience with them!) front desk with a note saying it would be picked up later that day. The desk clerk got an earful and promised not only to be sure it went out, but to pick up the tab. Although it was not good enough, it was better than paying for it out of hubby’s FedEx account.

Another night sans laptop. Withdrawal symptoms increased to pity party status. In its absence on Monday evening I did three loads of laundry, some ironing, changed the sheets, emptied and reloaded the dishwasher, collected garbage for trash pick-up, brushed both puppies, and groused a lot. On Tuesday evening we went up to NH for dinner with Jess, Conor, Leslie, Liam, and Aidan. Aidan was fussy a bit (he usually is around dinner time, Jess says) so got an upper body workout walking and rocking Aidan for over an hour (I did have to share him the rest of the time with his other grandmother and his parents). We stayed a bit later than usual because I was on a roll with keeping Aidan quieted and happy. It was lovely but I missed my laptop, my blog bookmarks, my ability to answer e-mail…

The cord arrived at 9:09AM today. I was at work. No help there. We had tickets to the local Lowell Spinners ballgame (they won!) with a local SnB group I have met. We had agreed to meet at the main entrance of the stadium by 6PM which meant I left work, got hubby, and went to the game. We got home just after 10PM this evening. Finally! To the laptop!

Properly sorted and filtered e-mail! Photos to sort through! Uck! It’s late!