And I really wouldn’t want to be left out, so I did it too.

Somehow, after having done it, I feel cheated. The result was not what I expected. It’s not like I have a porn site running here, but I don’t think it qualifies as the original Romper Room, either.

So I did it again, just to be sure.

Nope. Same result.

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“No bad words found.”

Exactly what is a bad word? They have no list, but others who at least got a PG-13 rating could see what the offending words were. Every single one was taken in isolation, not in context. “Good thing you aren’t a dog breeder” quipped Monica to CCR’s post on her PG-13 rating.

I’m still thinking on how I feel about this…but my 15 timer just went off. It was set to remind me to get my arse back in gear (because I have company coming this afternoon!).