Instead of cleaning the house (because I have company coming), I spent my weekend digging in the dirt in my yard. I clipped a third of the hedges (I do them in chunks so I can finish the clean-up as I go). The new hydrangea-bush-wannabe got planted. The older, out-growing-their-pots cucumbers got put into a cleared-out section of the garden bed. Some things got watered. Some other things got weeded a bit. I Morticia Adamsed the spent daisies that were blowing in the wind.

I made peach cobbler for DH (he loves peaches!) from very ripe, juicy peaches using a blend of recipes from the Internet. I thought it was too soupy, but it does get less so after a few hours…not that there is much of it left!

Instead of cleaning the house (because I have company coming), I read a book (Good in Bed by Jennifer Weiner) which was every bit as delightful, funny, witty, insightful (and sometimes maybe inciteful) as my DSis said it was.

Instead of cleaning the house (because I have company coming), I finished knitting my DH’s pair of socks and, because there was more soft sock yarn left over and the movie that was on wasn’t over yet (even though I had seen it several times before), I started another pair of socks for our grandson…maybe this pair will fit him at least once before he outgrows them.

Instead of cleaning the house (because I have company coming), I decided it was past time to rip out the unproducing (it’s grown too shady where they are), straggly lilac plants that were on the side yard. We went to Home Despot and selected four matching Arborvitae that will eventually be larger than their current 18″ status, providing a courtesy screen of sorts between our yard and the neighbors. Certainly it looks neater than before, but a whole lot emptier at the moment, as well.

And then, instead of cleaning the house (because I have company coming), I rinsed a bucket of sand and dirt out of my hair and skin, ate the delicious stir-fry and grilled tuna prepared by chef hubby, poured myself a (large) glass of wine and eased down into the sofa to knit socks and watch and re-watch old TV shows and movies until bedtime.

The puppies got taken for a couple long walks through the woods over the weekend. They missed doing that recently what with us being so busy procrastinating cleaning house and all.

No, the puppies are NOT helping. They bring in mud twice as fast as I can shovel it out, which is one of the reasons why I had planned on giving them “summer cuts” (well, at least Duncan, anyway) so less sand and twigs and leaves can be caught in their snarled coats.

That didn’t happen, either. I was too busy procrastinating cleaning the house (because I have company coming).

It is amazing what can get done when you are procrastinating something else, isn’t it?

The company is family whom I have either not seen in decades or hasn’t been to my house in many years. One would like to have the elves just “know” they are supposed to show up and set to work, but they seem to be avoiding me. Drat. I am “afeared” the cleaning will be left to me with help from DH.

I have until Wednesday afternoon when I go to the airport to collect mother to clean the house, stock the cupboards, and finish trimming the remaining two thirds of hedges in the yard. Other family members will arrive later.

Mother expects to be taken to a local fireworks display for the 4th. Our town has chosen NOT to do fireworks this year. Nearby towns have some displays scheduled, but parking and finding a spot to view them is problematic when you aren’t a regular and haven’t spent most of the day guarding your location from out-of-town usurpers. I bought sparklers but I don’t think that will cut it.

I have this deer-in-the-headlights paralyzed sensation–what to do first?

I suppose I could just, you know, clean the house, because…well…because I have family coming.