It is the SHOES that are stupid, not the girl, honest. The girl may be vain, and more than a little foolhardy to wear shoes that are not intended to actually be foot “wear” (like, traipsing through ice, snow, rain, mud, or even dry hilly outdoors or inside stairs for any length of time or space, BUT…I digress…)

I love my new stupid girl shoes.

I even have some sandals that by looks alone, could be considered appropriate footwear OR stupid girl shoes.

However, no matter how comfortable they are, no matter how “organic” the design, no matter how well-molded they might be to the bottoms of your feet…they still are not meant for walking on hard surfaces for hours on end. Think: shopping.

Aching ankles, throbbing knees, and beastly backaches are what I deserve for knowing better, thinking about changing shoes before heading out, and deciding not to. That indicates the judgment process used (I am being very loose here on the “used” thing) is stupid, not the shoes!

We won’t say what it says about the “girl.”