Once the family editor collects (reminds, requests, badgers, and pleads) for materials to put in the semi-annual Windhill Newsletters, the material comes to me to lay the publication out. Rarely do they come when I am bored out of my mind with nothing to do. Nope. They come when I am crunched with work, children, choir, or chorus obligations. The “to proof” cycle is targeted for within 14 days of receiving all the material. The deadlines for receiving the initial material and the “to proof” delivery times are munged as best can be.

I bet you already know where this is headed, don’t you? I inevitably lay out the issue and get late-breaking news that either leaves a big whacking hole in a page, or must somehow cram a new entry for an elderly family member (careful! I am getting to be one of those!) and what happens in between (late copy comes via snail-mail after criss-crossing the country). Not everyone is electronic – not necessarily Luddite-driven, just not wired, if you know what I mean.

Said late material arrived as I was over-committed and about-to-be absent. I have no time to work on it for the next five days. Fortunately, I have already mentally figured out how I will handle the cram-session so it won’t look too obvious to anyone other than me and someone else who maybe does family newsletters.

On to the Cautionary Tale…

Book-making in the new century features an array of online tools that totally beat all! CVS was running a 2-fer special on their bound photo books. In a panic to complete them before the deadline, I stayed up late (fortified with a glass of wine), and stayed focused at the computer, selecting 40 images (20 for each book), uploading them 12 at a time (the max per batch), writing copy, uploading changes, getting another glass of wine, cropping, re-uploading, and trying to print a proof off screen and not able to. I wish I could have! Writing copy and proofing books late night with regular wine refills created some odd results. I don’t care about the typo. I think the missing photo in Liam’s book is a bummer and I will ask CVS about fixing that, but selecting the same picture twice in the same book within 3 pages of one another…ahhh…well….As my DSis would say, they are HISTORY and irreplaceable, regardless of their “imperfect” status. (FlyLady would be so proud of me!)

Another Cautionary tale… Carpenters are encouraged, nay, urged to measure twice before cutting. A similar suggestion could be useful for new knitters of socks. The socking continued on to toddler socks based on the “magic 28” recipe. Dinky double-pointed needles make them a pin-cushion experiment, indeed! Slip, drop, tangle, and groan!

So last night I tried them on Liam.

They don’t fit.

He loves his mom’s and wore them around the house. When I finish this pair, I will try to get a shot of Aidan wearing them, next to his brother wearing his mom’s. They will both be ludicrously large on their feet.