Yes, I know you met him earlier, but there are so many more to choose from! I compromised by only uploading five mini pix.

Our Sunday School discovered a bear earlier this year, left behind after our Fall Rummage Sale, and adopted him as their own. He is called W.C. (short for West Chelmsford United Methodist Church) and has recently begun a series of travels. This week he is with us and joined us on our visit to Liam and his baby brother, Aidan.

W.C. got lots of hugs and goldfish crackers from Liam, but Aidan slept through W.C.’s visit.

The New! Improved! Sock Report

The kirchner join on the first sock took a half hour of looping the how-to video over and over and a couple false starts, but was easier than I thought. The second sock however, was a repeat of the original nightmare. Sheer pigheaded stubbornness and five tries finally got it done. Liam was delighted with it and modeled it for me. You will just have to imagine there are two because all he was interested in modeling was just the one.