Aidan Patrick Woodbridge O’Brien, arrived 8:04AM June 7, 2007, weighing in at 8 pounds, 5 ounces, and 21 inches long.

Isn’t he adorable? Doesn’t he look the spitting image of his older brother?

Okay, so maybe it is the hat, and his hair is red and wavy like his dad…well you could see the wavy hair if his dad didn’t keep it so short. What is it about guys hating curly hair? Every woman I know loves curly or wavy hair on a man.

Mom and dad were troopers on baby #2. Organization was a must with a hospital arrival at 6AM!

BoBo (paternal grandmother) arrived Wednesday night to stay with Liam while mom and dad went off for another adventure in parenthood.

Mom had also arranged for a toy bin of new-to-Liam toys to be brought to the hospital for after he met his newly-out brother. Liam loved the assortment and was very happy to see mom and dad. He was interested (and puzzled) with his new brother. Stay tuned for the developing saga as Liam finds out the new brother actually comes home with them after the weekend!

In the inevitable confusion and quiet, I was able to hog Aiden a few times. 🙂 So did his grampa, but I’ll post those pix tomorrow.

On an almost totally unrelated note: in the traveling to meet our newest grandson, I was able to do quite a bit on my first pair of socks, completing the first one INCLUDING (!) a successful kitchner join (yeah me!). The second sock already has a slight discrepancy in the ribbing at the top – I did two rows over what I needed to do – big whoop! I am on the shank, now, about 3/4 of an inch before the heel flap.

We went into Portsmouth for our lunch (I celebrated by having fries with my burger!) and wandered through a shops enjoying all sorts of eye candy and ideas. In a yarn shop we found the softest yarn for socks and a pattern for converting the basic sock pattern to accommodate different yarn weights. DH picked out a couple colors for a pair of socks I will make for him. Hmmm…that pair of socks cost almost $60 in materials alone….good thing he was also paying for the entertainment value of knitting something he will enjoy and wear for quite a while. I hope!

Socks really are very portable. I have to say that for them.