After 20-some-odd Christmas stockings I could hardly say I couldn’t do stockings. Actual socks, however, were something else. They used these dinky, teeny, tiny needles (size 2!) and had that whole heel-turning thing to worry about… But I was assured by members of the local SnB (Stitch and Bitch) groups and the Yarn Harlot herself that socks were ‘no big.’ Easier than sweaters, even! And I have done a TON of those… So, after I finished the afghan for grandson #2, I decided to do actual socks.

I am foisting the test case on Jess who actually wears socks, instead of hose. If they work out and I don’t die of needle-inflicted wounds, I may do more. DH helped me pick out the sock yarn (yes, it is an actual type of yarn) and I purchased bamboo needles from my LYS. Good thing they *are* local because I lost one of the needles before the end of the day and by the end of the next day, I had broken one. Super glue fixed it up fine, and the LYS was nice enough to offer to replace the lost one even though it wasn’t their fault. They smell a regular customer, I think.

Why bamboo? Because those teeny tiny stitches don’t fall off a bamboo needle as readily as they do on an aluminum one, and besides, I gave away all my aluminum ones last year on Freecyle because I hated them and assumed I would never need them. (ho, ho!)

There will be a progress update…