Heat Activated Urinal Billboards:
A respectable Internet Marketing newsletter mentioned this as a gizmo today for tomorrow. I did not believe a word of it, so of course I looked it up: Heat Activated Urinal Billboards — and found it was also blogged.

They do exist, and trademarked as (I couldn’t make this up) Wizmark®

I immediately thought of the men’s bathroom renovations mentioned in those multi-forwarded e-mails. And once I got started I found a few more wee willie wilkins (?!) . Freud would have a field day but most guys would have nightmares! The veddy British, staid and conservative Mini Cooper actually had one made up and put in use. Imagine that as a job you got paid for. “Hi. I’m a copywriter for men’s urinals” — bet that would clear the area quickly!)

And we wonder why marketing has such a bad reputation…