I love IM Chat. I open it up and can jot a note to my DH at home slogging away in his telecommuting to Chicago, or to a number of other people I know on chat. Or not. Just seeing who is online from time to time always brings a smile. The ability to instantly exchange small-talk does not foster erudite philosophical discussions. Just connections of daily trivia like the following which took place over the course of a work day:

DH: good morning
me: I was just about to say that, so I will!
me: Good morning, dear. It is really nice out!
me: Pity I work INdoors on a day like today!
DH: yeh
me: Yellow pollen stuff seems slightly down, too
DH: that would be nice, my eyes have been killing me whenever I go outside
me: With me I was breathing in the stuff and gagging
DH: yucky
me: You could wear the underwater google-like the aqua man fish thing in Hellboy does
me: not google, goggles
DH: lol, that would be so cute
me: I thought so

me: BTW – I will be bringing the strawberries up tonight for strawberry shortcake. Jess says she will get Ice Cream and shortcake. She already has the whipped topping
me: You could nuke your serving so you could eat it
DH: I will probably eat it anyway
me: I used real sugar – but only a tablespoon
DH: I would have used about 14/-1/2 cup for that pile of berries
me: that’s ‘cuz you are a cookie monster!
DH: yup
DH: I loves your cookies
DH: they are soo sweet
me: snicker
DH: You should make snicker doodles again
me: snuggle!
DH: speaking of snicker
me: true
DH: Liam can have them I think
DH: the dogs have been occupied by something under the shed
DH: they have been digging and even pulled out bricks I put in there
DH: they have spent about 4+ hours fussing with it
DH: they finally came in to say Hi
me: There was a family of moles or voles there…that is where one of the dead bodies were they found under the snow, anyway
DH: Duncan turned his head under the table and gave two LOUD hacks like coughing up a fur ball
DH: it was a whole dead (I hope) mouse
me: gross!!!!
me: OVER SHARE!!!!!!!
DH: when Dixie came to look they got into a VERY nasty teeth can growling match
me: stop laughing!
DH: until I shouted them out of my room
me: oooh – not laughing about that
DH: and tossed the prize down the john
me: please sanitize and boil the floor
DH: do I need to sanitize and boil the dogs
DH: also
me: good plan
me: par baoil?
me: parboil?
me: that was not French
DH: well Duncan is chilling in here with me
DH: Dixie is probably looking for more 4 legged toys to play with
me: Aarghhhh!