• gloriously perfect weather! (is there a way to bottle this bliss?)
  • swing set assembly completed for Liam
  • weekend warriors are pooped!
  • honoring those who have gone before us in service to our country

Grampa did a few too many gallops with Liam over the weekend and now he (grampa, not Liam) is hobbling and grimacing. They were a funny pair to watch and I wish a camera was nearer to hand during the galumphing. They were so funny!

Liam carries his sand pail in the crook of his elbow, like a handbag. He concentrates on scooping up slivers of sand, picking up grains with his fingers if he wants a pinch more on the shovel, then solemnly pours it into the bucket, and, with 2 tablespoons of sand in the half gallon bucket, he goes off (“bye!” ) to a spot that needs to have the aforementioned tablespoons of sand deposited.

The process is repeated repeatedly. (“bye!”)

I carried a 40-pound bag of “dehydrated cow manure” in my car since its purchase on Saturday so I could bring it in to work. My car still carries a strong odor of cow field, even though I managed to get it out of the car yesterday. I wore overalls and a long-sleeved t-shirt in to work (Yes, I brought work clothes to change into so I wasn’t “Green Acres” all day) so I could drag the manure over to my plot. I grabbed my yellow, plastic, garden tools basket and 2 garden gloves to use at work. Once I plunged my hands into the second one, I discovered they were both for the left hand. I bet I will cuss the pair of right-handed ones I have at home when I forget to mate the pairs correctly.

Along with bug spray, clippers, a garden claw, and a kneeling pad, my garden tool kit was complete except for a trowel. The one I took from the back deck turns out to be the one DH uses for doo-doo duty. He’d prefer I return it. I’d have preferred to have known beforehand that that was what I was handling all this time!!

Several family members have spent time in service to our country in the military. Some, like Uncle Herm and brother David, made a career out of it. A few died because of that involvement…if not in battle, in the battle inside that came home with them.

I have always believed that everyone should, in some form or another, spend time in service to our country. The military is only one way; community service counts, the Peace Corps counts, Habitat for Humanity counts, regularly giving blood (Tim has donated GALLONS of it over the years) counts, anything that supports our community of life counts IMHO. But it’s like the contributions to breakfast that the pig and the chicken give us. For the chicken it is a donation. For the pig it is his whole life. All the members of the military have more in common with the pig than the chicken.

Our #1 Son is a Sergeant in the Army. He is currently stationed at Fort Bliss, in El Paso, Texas. In November he expects to be sent to Korea for a year’s rotation there. May he continue to support and serve our country with eggs throughout his enlistment, and not his bacon.

We Love You Phil!!