The afghan is finished. It was not without it’s hairier moments. I used the same pattern as my first nephew, um…3+ decades ago, but thought I would modify this this time to make it similar in size to his big brother’s. But then I began the hairpin lace and neglected to actually write the modifications into the pattern. I purchased materials for the modifications, but when I discovered that I was making the full (twin-bed size!) pattern, did I purchase sufficient supplies? No, I did not. This is putting the “No Dye Lot” yarns into extreme test mode. I managed to find at the bottom of the bin, a match to the main yarn used. Did I also pick up the edging? No, I did not. I was one and three-quarters of single-crochet-stitch rows away from completion when I RAN OUT OF YARN. Yech!

Again, I lucked out and matched the dye lot of the “No Dye Lot” yarn, but, SHEESH! PITA!!!!

Was it worth it? Yes. I think so!

I have to say that last weekend with my DSis and DD was THE BEST! Not because of the concert, but because we got to play and sing together. DD Susan scans my CDs and pops in whatever catches her eye. She gave me a Seekers CD for Christmas and it has a ton of songs on it that my DSis and I sang together in our early (still vinyl) years. We chimed in with remembered harmony and had a blast! I shared with them the “Rhinoceros Tap” CD by Sandra Boynton and they were as enchanted as I. Both recognized Sandra Boynton cartoon art, but had no clue she also did music. Liam and I have a great time with her CD…Lovely times!

Singing together is a great joy of mine. It is why I am in a choir AND a community chorus. Now that I am in the summer hiatus of both, I admit to sensing the beginnings of withdrawal. I am continuing the voice lessons and in three weeks is the Strawberry Festival in Westford where the chorus comes together again to sing a few of the past seasons’ favorites. This year we are doing the Cole Porter stuff and a couple from Show Boat.

Being without choir (well, one more rehearsal next week and one more service to sing) and chorus has opened up two nights of my week. So far, I am enjoying them HUGELY. Give me a week and I’ll be in serious withdrawal and in danger of signing up for more obligations instead of catching up on lawn and home and sewing and knitting and…

Great weather for a Memorial Weekend means EVERYONE is out (read: in my way) looking to plant things in their yards. We traipsed to three or four places for plants, fertilizer, and a hose extension. Some are for home, some are for my work garden. The work garden generally does better except for the zucchinis. The first time I tried them in the work garden they went garbanzo beans – I resorted to giving them away with a sign that read “Zucchini Bread – some assembly required.” Ever since then, not a one survived. But, another season, another hope.

This afternoon was spent working in the yard…deadheading, raking, burning in the town-approved covered burning pit…except it wasn’t covered. I had fantasies of sitting out there by the fire with my laptop, crafting witty and erudite commentaries for the blog…HAH! I was pooped and covered with dirt dust so as soon as I finished a major burn section, I let it burn down and went into the tub! I soaked in oiled water with bubbles until the water cooled and the timer went off, beginning a new-to-me book by Mr. Koontz.

Our lawnmower is NOT happy. It would run…and die…start right up and run….and die. It had last year’s gas in it and that was part of the problem DH decided. It could have been disgusted with the height of the weeds that pass for grass (hey! they’re GREEN aren’t they??) With many restarts, and fresh gas, the back, front, and one side is mowed. They look so much better! Before the rain comes tomorrow evening, we hope to have the remaining side one completed as well.