Concert weeks are always crazy-busy, and this was no exception. There was a mad rush of gorilla advertising to captive parents attending an emergency school meeting (our director is always thinking of ways to ‘spread the word’ about our work) that probably filled a few seats this past weekend. Changes were constantly being made to the Program itself as people had family-related issues and work-related travel affecting attendance at the 2 tech rehearsals…you know, stuff!!

I got home late every night, and managed to do one or two things before collapsing on the bed (which remains a peaceful—but not necessarily inactive 🙂 —place since DH’s surgery). The puppies have had a joyous time romping all week in the fresh mud (rain, rain, and more rain!), so I gave Duncan a bath Friday night in-between frantically cleaning up and vacuuming for DSis and DD arriving midday Saturday.

They slogged through the rain and when they walked in the door early afternoon on Saturday, I laid down my cleaning supplies and just hung with them, making CR’s black bean salsa, and erecting a few dozen variations of the Kidoo building kit (which Liam only saw for about 5 minutes a couple weeks ago). There is a video…watch for it 🙂

The concert was a rush. I was pleased as punch that the Piesch Piece we all sweated over went the best it ever has. The composer was there and pleased as well. (whew!)

DH, DD, and DSis were front row and center (literally!) for the show. DD Susan wore her new top that looks so nice…she is practically molded into it and looks FAB-ulous!! DSis Lori saw quite a bit of the show through her camera lens. They all preferred the second half of the concert which was the semi-staged and costumed “Show Boat” selections. I finally sang *all* of the lyrics correctly in the very last (second) show. Progress is sometimes like that.

It was grand fun and terrific to have them here, but by the time I got home after Sundays’ performance (I sang in both Sunday church services as well), I was POOPED! My ankles and feet were _so_ sore. The puppies were very disappointed about that. They snuggled around my raised feet as I vegged in front of the TV, anyway.

They forgave me when I took them out for a walk right after work tonight. Puppies are like that.

The only bummer of the day was my quarterly dental peridontal cleaning appointment this afternoon which affirmed my concerns about my dental partial appliance—(I simply CANNOT refer to it as a denture, partial or otherwise!)—it does need repaired. Repairs require me to drop it off at the lab in Westford at oh-dark-thirty and continue my day without it. Aesthetically NOT pleasing. Emotionally demoralizing and depressing because I tend to stay in denial that I even HAVE one during the day time. Liquid/soft diet. But it is a one-day deal and I can go get it at 3 the same day and bring it directly to the dentist for final fitting.

My Wednesday is booked that way. I’ll bring work home tomorrow and log in to my terminal at the office remotely. Wicked slow, but bearable. Great for coding, actually, because I can concentrate better. Even with the dogs underfoot!