• Hubby returns to doctor for ucky-looking incisions check-up (ouchy)
  • Freecycle nets me a Casio electronic keyboard (toy!)
  • Late responses on chorus posters and programs leaves costume in time jeopardy
  • Grandson here for dinner, but I am not 😦
  • First Tech Rehearsal and audition of commissioned material for author (yeeks!)
  • Stage placards one shy of a full deck

We took pictures of how his incision looked before we went to the ER last Saturday/early Sunday. The surgeon was not impressed. The bacteria count was irrelevant. It is healing well, but needs another month. Yes, DH is allergic to the adhesive used on the bandages. Sore back? Lay down.

I *love* Freecycle! The Casio keyboard is maybe 10 years old but in superb condition with the original operators manual. I feel less “exposed” practicing voice in the basement. DH taught the puppies to “sing” which is rather disconcerting when I am warming up with scales. I swear it confuses the heck out of them as well!

As I went over the concert program with the printer I noticed two style errors, so I put the print job on hold until I could make the changes. They have a website to upload to, so that is good. But, because comments and quantities and the on-stage poster text were late, I did not have time to work on my stage clothing at all. I have the materials. It will not take long. But even “not long” needs *some* time in order to be assembled! I have a back-up to wear for the Thursday Tech Rehearsal, and hopefully will manage to get the simplified outfit ready in time for the Saturday show (all while trying to crisis-clean a house that has been left to doggy debris for far too long!)

DH was planning on going up for our regular Wednesday dinner with DD, DS-in-Law, and DGS, but his back was really bothering him and he couldn’t take his pain meds if he was driving up there. DD said to take the meds; she would come down. Now, I knew I would miss them because I had to be at a chorus Tech Rehearsal. Having them here and missing them was a real bummer! True, I did get to visit a few minutes before I had to leave. DH had made pea soup in honor of graduating to soft foods and I couldn’t have it right before a rehearsal! 😦

DGS has learned how to “sneak up” on someone. I need to get a video of that. It is hysterical!

The author of the commissioned piece we are doing for this concert was there tonight. Oh geez! Talk about pressure! This is a very difficult one to sing, but if we manage to nail it on concert night, it will be AWESOME. Suffice it to say, his vision and our rehearsal tonight did not exactly mesh. Overall he is pleased, but it wasn’t what he anticipated. His comments did not quite match the score, so hey – what did he expect?

I was frantic to finish the stage placards for the Show Boat portion of this weekend’s concert…and somehow managed to leave one behind at home. Gotta get it tomorrow. And what is this about having to transport props in the pouring rain? YUCKO!