But they don’t seem to even know I exist. While that is generally a good thing, it also means they meander into my world from time to time because they are not paying attention to the rules in *my* universe.

We have had a few in our yard over the years. For my son I braved the slithery beast and tossed it into our neighbors yard (no one was home), using the tines of a gravel rake. It had enough sense to not come back.

This year they seem to have decided to make a return visit with their family. DH came in last week to tell me he had tossed a three-footer into the upper wilds of a neighbor’s yard. I wasn’t to worry because it was “only” a garden snake.

Hey! The one in the Garden of Eden was “only” a garden snake and look at all the trouble he caused!

The dogs were going berserk in the back yard. I went out to shush them. They had cornered something under the camper…a very calm looking snake was all heads-up looking at them as they circled and barked.


He came out smiling and somehow herded the snake out from under the camper, keeping the dogs from catching it for playing with. At some point he picked it up and tossed it over the fence.

Our neighbors might not be too happy with us…if they know it was us, that is.

Anyhoo, DH came in and scrubbed his hands and changed his clothes, tossing the snaked ones into the wash. (He isn’t immune to snake-ick, after all!)

On our morning walk at work we saw a snake doing the slithery thing on the side of the road. Despite the relatively active traffic on our company road, we elected to walk in the middle of the road rather than risk catching the attention of any snake, garden or garter or whatever!

Because I am not alone in hating them.

All God’s Creatures have a right to exist in this world…but I don’t have to see them! They are most definitely NOT in my “Quality Universe.”