I am not so much geographically challenged as cartographicly disabled. Macro space such as neighborhoods and towns defeat me. I can get turned around and mixed up even while on a straight path…which makes today’s feat worthy of celebration.

For most people, getting from here to there is no big. For me it is an act of bravery, flying in the face of past experience, the terrors of being lost.

In the past few years I have made marked improvement in this area. I have trusted Google Maps (and MapBlast and Yahoo Maps and Arrow printed maps) to get me to new locations to pick up or deliver Freecycle items, or to take advantage of neighboring town’s garden sales. As a matter of fact, those were this morning’s feats. I made the maps from Google, verified them with a printed map and ON MY WAY OUT THE DOOR CHANGED THE ROUTE.

Now that is shear lunacy for me. I knew that, and still got in the car.

The directions made little sense to me in that they seemed to take me out of my way, but I followed them anyway and a) managed to get where I was going, AND (!) b) recognized where I was in relationship to past trips I have made through this neighboring town.

Sky rockets! Fireworks! Yeah me! (Yes, I really am that bad at maps and finding street signs – living in New England doesn’t help – they reuse names over and over all over the place…that is, when they manage to put signs up at all, but I digress….)

The plant sale was fun. I snagged some very healthy marigolds for the yard and a new red geranium vine in a hanging planter. Now…off to the next site.

I knew how to get to a common connecting point between where I was and where the Google maps were telling me to go. Off I went. And now I understood why the directions were the way they were before…I was driving through town all the way. Traffic lights and (shudder) traffic.

As I reached the connecting point, I realized that the map I had printed out for reference also showed a “better” (shorter…if it worked) route to the Freecycle pick-up location.


I reversed the original directions for getting home and THEY WORKED TOO!

I am so disgustingly proud of myself! Happy feet dance!