Even on days that are dark and full of thunder, there are bright spots that make all the difference in the world.

This gift was a splendiferous bright spot. DD Jess said it was in appreciation for the Fridays I spent with Liam. If I could have paid for the opportunity to do it longer or more, I would have. I was definitely the “winner takes all” for those Fridays.

Naturally, I immediately began using it. Beau-coo compliments on the charmer’s face and my “That’s a *real* Gramma’s bag!” Coworkers were nicely vocal in complimenting it. Choir was equally appreciative. Jess really has a good eye for gifts like this and waited until she had a good photo of Liam to put on it.

Two nights of mostly uninterrupted sleep have made a vast improvement in my mood and outlook. That is a very good thing. It kept me from reaching through the phone lines to strangle the 1-800-Flowers service rep who told me “oh…your daughter’s birthday flowers were not delivered because FedEx didn’t pick up the delivery.”

Excuse me? I paid YOU, not FedEx to deliver them! Why can’t I have the same order redone properly? Why will it cost more? No, I do not want that inferior and more expensive replacement; refund my money!

Surely you see that this person is alive solely due to my having gotten enough sleep, thereby enabling me to control my murderous impulses.

I don’t think her hearing will be the same for a bit, though.

Please excuse me now whilst I go attempt the flower thing again. I am so sorry, Susan!