I spend more on my cable bill than I do for my phone service(s) or my Internet access. How much time do I watch TV in a typical week?

5-10 minutes at mealtimes (CNN news usually)

One hour Wednesday evening (CSI NY – I’d watch Bones, too, but I don’t get home in time.)

Maybe 2 hours Friday evening. The SciFi channel series are good and then there is Numbers on CBS.)

Two hours on Sunday evening (this was for The Dresden Files on SciFi, and BloodTies on Lifetime)

What skews the whole numbers thing is that occasionally I will veg-out an entire evening or afternoon in front of the boob tube, catching up on CSI’s I missed.

So that’s what…maybe 8 hours a week? (and usually only 4-5)

That comes to $2 per hour of TV schmoozing…Hmm…maybe that isn’t as bad as I thought…but still!!! It’s TV!!! I come from that ancient time when TV was FREE. It is only a little better quality now vs then, too. Tons of stations but rarely anything on them to watch.

I can knit while I watch TV. I can’t easily knit while I read. This is a serious bummer.