I have tackled Mt Washmore and bought it to my knees(level). Clean clothes are a requirement at my place of employment and frankly, I prefer to not wear previously worn and odiferous clothing all day in a small cubicle! (When I checked my spelling of ‘odiferous’, I saw a link for asparagus and odiferous tinkles…I did not make that up.)

Anyhoo (as my DSis says) , feeling all sorts of righteous in my cleanliness, I have been eying one of the birthday presents I received this year. It came from my fun and colorful niece (and you know I love her to pieces!) Now, I know men name a portion of their anatomy, but I was not aware that some women do the same. (No, that is not a non sequitor. ) There are some words that I know are associated with female genitalia, but beyond ‘nethers region’ (quite useful when you are out in public trying to explain what a cat is busily cleaning) I do not use them out loud. I might use ‘betty’ though.

No, I will *not* show after shots! Unless I try it out on Duncan first. Hmmmm…

DN got me a few other things as well…I am wearing the star bracelet now, as a matter of fact. I am scared to death I’ll bang and bend it, but I couldn’t NOT wear it after she said the stars made her think of me and how I make other people feel. ( I told you she was awesome, right?) This is where I just melt all over again remembering her smile as she said it.

Her sister (also a DN – it’s a family thing) is now a fully-fledged landscape architect and finds the bestedest beauty for sunlight and gardens. The colorful blue orb is magnificent! Many of the windowsills inside my house (those not already claimed as watching posts by the dogs) have colorful glass bottles and vases and a prism or two. This will dance over them, hanging from a curtain rod. Now, which one gets the best light….?

My DSis found a pair of dragonfly earrings which I laid down on the bookshelf to hug her and then forgot to pick back up. Arghhh! The wall hanging of the alphabet is POIFECT for hanging indoors and out. I want it where I can enjoy it most often. I am still trying out various locations in the yard. I’ll keep you posted, and post a photo in it’s selected spot.

All in all, from the flowers (and voice lessons!) to the books, to ‘betty’ and beyond, this has been an amazingly lootful natal celebration for me. I love the gifts. I love the givers more.