My DSis told me she agreed to be in a fundraiser (a karaoke bar murder mystery dinner show) and she had to sing solo near the end of it. She was nervous. She shares the same public solo performance angst I do. The song was the Peggy Lee version of “Fever” which is perfect for her mellow alto voice. As a supportive and loving sister I drove the six hours down to NJ (I was going down there anyway this month, so why not make it her performance weekend? – But that isn’t the point. Honest. I would have driven down even I hadn’t had plans to be there) to see the one-time performance. I even got to hear her practice it a couple of times before she had to leave for set-up.
I am going on record here as saying my sister is a frickin’ master of misdirection. It was NOT a “small part” with a solo almost at the very end. She was a principal player and absolutely FAB-u-lous both in the acting and in the singing. I *SO* proud of her! I didn’t use the best camera to record her, but she put her solo up on webshots if you want to take a look.

Now that DSis has survived the event, she is even more pushy to get me to sing at her “Open Mic at the Birdhouse” night this August. Sometimes she can still be a little sister brat, ya know?

The weekend was also special because I got to spend time with my DD and later on, my nieces (and sister) flabbergasted me with a lot of loot for my birthday… but that is another bloggable post…