I am really trying to remember to carry my cell phone with me instead of forgetting it on a dresser or in the bottom of the bag I used two days ago. I have made some progress in this. Most days I do remember to plug it into the recharger before bed, turning it off first for maximum recharge value. I turn it off while I am in church, choir, or chorus rehearsals, and mute it at the movies like the good do-bee that I am.

So I carried it around all day today at the office, on my person, even.

But I forgot to turn it on. I missed two calls.

I never use up all my minutes. Only two people are responsible for 90% of the minutes I do use. Two very important people I enjoy hearing from and talking to. And my cell phone was off.

Often, when I call people, I manage to reach them while they are trying to eat a late dinner, or are in the car on the way to picking someone up. I don’t like encouraging people to talk while they are driving. Even if I am sure they are using a headset or hands-free speaker mode, I get off the phone as quick as I can… frustrated and embarrassed because I didn’t feel comfortable in chit-chatting while they handled a multi-ton vehicle in traffic. It’s enough to give one phobias, I swear.

Gotta remember to turn the bleepin’ thing on!

Weather today was nasty and beastly, even for a Monday. We got off lightly. No power outages, no major debris landing on our house or yard. A co-worker woke up to the darkness brought on by a tree covering the windows on her house. It rolled off her roof, actually. She sent this picture to explain her absence. Yup. Not Kansas.

Another coworker dealt with live wires dancing outside her house and her street was closed waiting for workers to clear the area. She was only two hours late. I looked. She wasn’t glowing or sparking or anything. Lucky lady.