Rain and drizzle all day. Spots of fluffy snow. Where is Spring?

The weather affects attendance at church. We are more apt to be “full up” on sunny days than dreary, wet ones. I hear the grumbling around me of why we should even bother singing with so few in attendance. It troubles me to hear that sentiment. I want to reply “less is more!” like some kind of commercial, but is it really?

On this dreary rain-sodden Sunday morning, where are they, our fair-weather friends in faith?

How many does it take to rejoice? When did the lines from Corinthians “whenever two or more gather in My name” cease to be a valid view?

Why is it that we do not count ourselves (in the choir) as part of the celebrants? I think that the best of all scenarios would be the active participation of the entire congregational gathering–children, adults,–pets, too if they were allowed in.

How many does it take to rejoice? Just one. Me.

I hear the voices around me raised in song, responding in unison, singly offering up prayer requests and celebrations. Most Sundays I get such a rush of joy just being in the company of people of faith! None of of perfect, but all of us trying, in our own way, to be better humans in our daily life.

What a testament to hope. What a blessing to forgive myself for missing the mark as long as I keep trying.

And as long as I am in a forgiving and trying mood, it would be so nice if the weather would keep trying for Spring! I know spring needs rain and all, but the puppies keep going out and playing in it, bringing muddy paws and wet hair inside, over and over again. We use more towels on the puppies than we do on the humans in this household!