At last! A weekend that was
a) at home
b) not raining
c) not so windy that the “DO NOT BURN” sign was posted by the fire dept. and
d) not otherwise time over-committed
—BURN, baby, BURN!!!

Our town allows open burning between January 15 and April 30 every year. You need to get a permit each year. We didn’t get to burn last year so we had both last year’s AND this year’s Christmas tree waiting in the burn pile, along with all the brush and tree trimmings of the last two seasons. This is great—what every pyromaniac longs for—permission to burn! I got to play lumberjack (and I’m okay!) cutting the trees, logs, and branches to manageable lengths…DH thinks no cutting is necessary, just keep feeding them into the fire. I like to cut, hack, and saw them to 18″ length just in case I can use them later in my portable fire pit.

I kept the fire much smaller this year. No 12 foot flames into the branches above giving me heart failure and possibly a ticket from the fire Marshall. I tried burning a handful of the mountains of acorns we have (squirrels love our yard despite the puppies because of the abundance of food). DH was right. They don’t really burn, they just charcoal.

Four hours of constant attention later, we were reduced to this . I smelled of smoke from the skin out. My thighs ached from stooping to pick up branches, twigs and other burnables from the piles edging the yard; my back hurt from lifting and shoving the burning debris around for maximum burn exposure. My nose ran the Boston marathon TWICE. My eyes burned and I was RAVENOUS!

A-hah! The Easter eggs had a new purpose in life—egg salad sandwiches! Yumm! I actually looked up an egg salad recipe but I didn’t have any dried mustard or red peppers so I just did the usual scallions and mayonnaise one on toast. When you are really hungry, anything tastes superb. Only now do I realize that I could have done hot dogs or some-mores (if I actually had the ingredients—a minor detail).

The puppies were thrilled to have company in the yard. I noticed just how shaggy they have become since their last haircut in January. Definitely in need of a trim, yes? It is too early to give them the 1-1/2 inch summer cut but Duncan needs something around his eyes and Dixie is harder to keep groomed when her hair is this long. Hmm…wonder when that will manage to get into the upper levels of the “to-do” list?

After thoroughly dousing the fire I came in and crashed for a well-deserved nap. I can’t tell you how lovely it was to stretch out and feel righteous in my rest!

Remember those cookbooks DH got last week? He tried Empanadillas tonight and they were very good. The only drawbacks to his recipe experiments are that he uses a LOT of dishes and I eat too much…but then, I tend to eat too much when he does his stir fry meals, too. He is a good cook and everything he does smells SO good! Okay…once in a while I admit I am not as enamored of his cooking. He likes cilantro and it makes me gag. He loves lemongrass. Ibid. Curry. Ibid. We deal.

And now some of the geek stuff

There are geek knitters out there. Seriously geek. I found a pattern that requires dice to determine the pattern sequence, patterns using Fibonacci sequences for color change and texture, patterns for DNA scarves and stuffed DNA helix.

The uber-geek of mathematical knitting was Elizabeth Zimmerman. Her “day job” was science professor at Landers University; her passion was knitting. Her patterns are nothing like any other knit pattern I have ever seen. She concentrated on providing a sequence of stitches and invites you to “see” the evolving pattern so you can take the concept and apply it to another knitting project, or expand on the size or shape of the finished piece. Her “EPS” (Elizabeth’s Percentage System) is still widely used by designers: it consists of a mathematical formula to determine how many stitches to cast on for a sweater, given that the sleeves and body are always proportionate no matter what yarn or gauge is used. She saw knitting for its simplicity, not for its complexity. The Baby Surprise sweater was her design. She has a LOT of fans.

One of those fans developed a geek code for knitters. My geek code is:
KER+ Exp++ SPM+ Steel++@ Pl+ Bam Boye Nov+ Cot+ Syn+@ Stash++
Scale+@ Fin-@ Ent+ !Felt Lace- Tex Flat Circ DPN- Swatch- KIP++ Blog EZ++
GaugeF-S-W+B FO++@ WIP+ ALTCr-XSW+!Sp

The world is indeed a very strange and interesting place… 🙂