No, I have no trouble with the Yahoo blog…well, outside of the fact that they do not recognize “me” in my own bleepin’ blog, this is really like hiccups…odd jumps and starts of time suspended and then restarted in another sector of a fractured universe…

Digressing is a character trait of mine, not an error, not a disfunction, and not ADD (oh look! a chicken!…but I digress…again…)

The Yarn Harlot is off on her book tour and sharing photos of her travels. This photo came from her Denver stop last week. I seriously want that t-shirt!

Bloggers can seem like a small community. A link in a blog can traverse the universe and back, making unexpected appearances in multiple blogs. Like this image. Do you see what the sheep are actually made of?

I enjoy the logo-images that Google puts on their web site throughout the year. A coworker gave me the link for the archives of Google logo art back to 1999. I notice they are generally a bit out-of-date. For example, I do not see this year’s Chinese New Year art or todays’ Yuri Gagarin image, but they catch up eventually. I love the droll imagery! There is quite a competition to be considered for the art work, too. People being what they are, a fake archive Google art site also exists for the almost-rans and wish-I-had artists.

Speaking of imagery, DSis had an absolutely AWE-some violet day at her photoblog. Isn’t life often like that? All fuzzy and muddy but for that one small piece that is totally and perfectly, crisply clear perfection?

On the work front, my web application continues to grow…but that is a techie blog for another time. The time now is horizontal. Good night!