I live in a climate controlled world. I have climate at work. I have climate at home. I have climate that is just regular climate. Right now, all of it sucks.

Work climate changes. Some years it is so beastly hot in the winter that I threaten to strip to skivies, or (if I am feeling considerate of my coworkers) a bathing suit. Most summers it is so freezing that I wear turtlenecks in July and go outside to thaw out. This winter, it is both freezing and breezy at work. I am not the only one wearing multiple layers. CR knit a shawl she wears most days, ibid wrist/hand warmers. Today she also donned a hat. It is *that* cold at our desks. Although the building manager tries, the architects of our building should have been shot before designing this heating/cooling monstrosity. If we are cold, other sections are at hot-flash-level hot without benefit of the gender or age-related transition.

Speaking of hot flashes…I am now noticing lots of new “change-of-life” t-shirt slogans. To wit:

  • It is not a hot flash, it’s my inner child playing with matches
  • It’s not a hot flash, it’s a power surge!
  • I’m Flashing!
  • I’m still a hot babe, but now it comes in flashes.
  • Help! I can’t find the menostop button!
  • I don’t have hot flashes. I have short, private vacations in the tropics!
  • et cetera, et cetera…

But I digress (again).

You’d think at home it would be better. Nope. My partner also has issues with temperature. He used to work in the tiny room with all the servers. The heat generated by multiple CPUs and printers had him quite toasty…so he turned on the A/C often and high while wearing a t-shirt under his long-sleeved shirts. I urged him to strip. Not only would he be more comfortable, I’d also enjoy the view.

Drat. He never did that. Instead, he moved to a corner room that is exposed to the afternoon sun. In the summer it had the same effect as staying in the server room, so up went the A/C. In the rest of the house, it was still frigid. Again I had to go outside to warm up. Remember, I LIKE to feel warm!

And now, I am finally enjoying the benefits of the whole change-of-life temperature thing. From being so cold my bones hurt, I am now comfortable most of the time—68 is good if I am moving and 72 is fine if I am working as long as the fans are not blowing cool air on me.

It is now April and we are still having days below 50 and snow is STILL being forecast, so the regular climate is also stuck in February.

Climate seriously sucks right now.