The CA auction raised over $900! What an amazing group!
I got the two pieces I was really hoping for plus the extras I wanted as well. The Baby Surprise sweater that everyone encouraged me to submit was not a fit for anyone so I brought it back home. The event was featured in the Lowell Sun on Friday, but they didn’t put the pictures in the online version.

Happier Birthday Tooo-oo-o Me!
I felt surrounded by well-wishers in both electronic and paper snail-mail form all day. DD called and sang Happy Birthday to me. She also sent an array of rainbow colored roses in a rainbow-striped vase that I didn’t get to see until I got home. DH called as soon as it got in and described them. He couldn’t do them justice. Gorgeous, yes?

A quick meal at Pho ’88 Vietnese Restaurant (now in the throes of a renovation) and then I proceeded to our Good Friday Service—very well-laid-out service BTW, following the last words of Christ from the time of his arrest to his last breath on the cross. Our closing anthem was Tears Slowly Fall – a fitting end to the solemn service.

Birthday treats continued with a trip to Barnes & Nobles where I indulged in a few books (BOOKS!) and the new Norah Jones CD. DH almost made it out the door empty-handed, but a rack of “Last Chance” cookbooks snagged his eyes. He returned inside with a stack of four. A Paella cookbook was on top—an entire cookbook of just Paella—I thought it was the name of a single recipe!

I devoured Twilight by Stephenie Meyer in almost a single sitting (the bath water got too cold). Now I am on the lookout for the next two in the series. Finally, even I had to admit the eyes were not staying open even with the duct tape, so I slept, knowing full-well that the birthday /anniversary would continue in the morning and all weekend, too. Whee!

After a virtuous morning of house cleaning and laundry, I dove into Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsey. This macabre novel had a a delightful sense of whimsy in the talking-to-self department. Wonderful imagery! Well, not the gross stuff, but everything else. The afghan languished on the couch. I didn’t notice even a hint of reproach from it. Then again, I wasn’t listening!

Puppies were treated to a walk and socializing with neighbors before going *to* a movie. We hardly ever do that anymore (not that we ever did it a lot). We watched Road Hogs (a funny movie like City Slickers on motorcycles) and then at home we watched Cars, my current Netflix rental. My next movie from Netflix will be Happy Feet and I am looking forward very much to that treat!

Assembling Easter—boxes, bags, candy, fluff, “ghastly grass” and baskets
Easter began with bright sun & brass & bells & beautiful choral arrangements. There were slowly-diminishing mounds of snow edging the parking areas. More snow is predicted this week. UGH!! (in unison, now) DOUBLE UGH!!

Every year I put together baskets for Easter. Most years I do an egg tree, too. And every year I curse the cellophane “grass” that gets put in the baskets. I vow never to get the nasty, clingy, fly-away stuff again…and every year I discover I have more bags of it. I seriously do not know which gremlin is producing it but I wish he/she/it would STOP!

We colored eggs with Jess, Conor, and Liam (who had a cold, poor thing) and we had a real honest-to-goodness birthday cake made that day by chef Jess. They tried, but even with a flame thrower there just weren’t have enough candles for us. We compromised on two.

I was able to catch up (a little) with DD, DS, DSis and DM with birthday and Easter wishes so the entire weekend was delightful all-round.

Except for the getting old part (which seriously sucks when I really look in the mirror or check camera shots of myself), I LOVE our birthday/anniversary celebrations!