On the Weather Front:

While Crazy Aunt Purl posts hot weather gardening activities, we were reminded that Winter ain’t over until it stops snowing. The snow squall yesterday dumped 3-5 inches of heavy, wet, scary-slippery precipitation. DH & I had to white-knuckle drive up to NH to pick up his car from the dealership…low visibility, unplowed slush furrows, the whole 9 yards. The trip took an hour and a half instead of the 45 minutes it would have taken in clear weather. You’ll notice that Dixie is begging me to play with her in the white stuff she loves so much.

The other nasty part of yesterday was having to be a ‘grup’ about the road conditions and cancel our regular Wednesday night dinner with Jess, Conor, and Liam. For consolation I made myself a medium-sized bowl of butter & salted comfort food—aka popcorn—and plunked my chilled-to-the-bone body in a hot bubble bath for almost an hour, reheating as necessary. Then I crawled out of the tub and draped myself on the couch, watching bubblegum TV while working on the afghan for Liam’s not-here-yet baby brother. A most delightfully decadent evening…but not the same a’tall.

On the Work Front:

A fundraiser at work has taken on a life of its own. The idea was to collect items for a silent auction and donate the proceeds to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. First came the crafty stitchery items: knit booties, hats, and scarves. Large crocheted afghans came next, along with machine embroidery bottle toppers, quilts, kitchen linens, etc. I donated the Baby Surprise sweater and 2 of my zippered Christmas Stockings. The beaded scarf with the kitchner joining requirement has been thrown (literally and in high dungeon) into a bag until I can bear the sight of it, hence it is NOT in the auction. There are 89 items/packages (some things got packaged together and some didn’t—no rhyme or reason that those of us here in the peanut gallery can tell). In addition to the craftworks, collectibles from the Dickens Christmas Village Series and beany babies are well-represented along with dipping oil sets, vintage brick-a-brack, and jewelry.

Rumors abound that the Lowell Sun is sending a reporter out to cover this event.

What I find both frustrating and hysterical is that some items are being bid on hot and heavy, while others appear to be waiting for the last minute on Friday to get their bid. The lawn chair on the right still has a sticker on it for $14.95, but the current bid is $20.50 for it. The DVD-R on the bottom in its original packaging has an almost full page of bids that started at $5 and is now up to $30.50….an easy page to find from all the handling it has received.

Some activity makes no sense to me. The artificial floral arrangement on the top row has an active bid page as well, in the upper teens. My stocking contributions have one bid line each, but the baby surprise sweater is (so far) gone begging. I console myself that many other items are also bidless at this point. Bidding ends promptly at 5PM, Friday, April 6th. We collect our stash and pay up on Monday. I’ll keep you posted.