Normally, I come home on Thursdays and greet the puppies, have a light snack and head out to my voice lesson before choir and then home at 9:45…but THIS Thursday I have a seminar in Boston which has a bunch of offerings I am very interested in which require me to leave the house at 7:40-ish AM, go to the office for a couple hours (did I mention my new web application works? Yeah me!), catch the train in to Boston for the seminar which gets out at 5:45, try to get the train home in time to be only a few minute late for choir (voice lesson is bagged) and finally home a mere 14.5 hours later…and clean for in-laws?

But that isn’t today’s news.

Dinner was Bulgoki, rice pilaf with raisins, and zucchini sauteed with summer squash and the evening entertainment was DGS enamored of “Ring Around a Rosy, Ashes, Ashes, we all fall DOWN!”—delightful though that all was, it also is not today’s news.

Today’s news revolves around a fruit and a color and a flavor and a disease and my dear puppy, Dixie.

Annual well-care blood tests indicated the presence of Lime, er, Lyme disease. The treatment is an aggressive course of tetracyclines. In Dixie’s case, two and a half tabs orally, daily, for a month. She has shown absolutely no symptoms of the disease, but that is not unusual. Many canines do not show any symptoms until the disease is well-progressed. On the other hand, Dixie was given a Lyme vaccine last year to prevent contracting Lyme disease. It turns outs that having the vaccine actually makes them test positive for Lyme disease afterwards, and a special C6 test must be done to verify actual Lyme presence. It was, and she did, so why did we give her the blasted shot last year?

On the positive side, most canines respond well to the aggressive treatment provided it is administered “in time.” Then they do not quantify what “in time” is.

The sheets for the guest room are in the laundry and I have decluttered some of Liam’s toys out of the guest room. Progress.

Did I mention my new web application works? 🙂