I have an egg yolk yellow (it says so in the owners manual) Ford Focus hatchback. I love my car. It is exactly the right size for me and maybe a front seat passenger. If someone is relegated to the backseat, they need very short legs and contortion abilities. Because it is a hatchback, and not a sedan, people have to climb in via the side doors. I just want to make it clear that I chose this model knowing that I rarely have a back seat occupant. In 3 years, maybe twice?
When my kids were little (mother hated that term…goats are kids, young humans are children. I personally get nuts about the greeting “hey!” because hay is for horses, but I digress…) I had a Honda Civic hatchback. I crawled in and out of that back seat constantly to put them in and get them out of child safety seats. Oy, my back! I went to a station wagon as soon as I could. The “kids” grew up and moved out a while ago. I am no longer carting them, their friends, and all their gear all over town, so a hatchback, once again, was perfect.

And now I am blessed with a grandson. The thought of crawling in and out of the back of my small car to retrieve precious cargo is anathema to me.

So I think I’ll borrow DH’s car, a Honda CRV, and install the car seat in that one. Problem solved, yes?

Well…except for the puppies.

This week DH is in Chicago and his CRV is in the long term parking lot at the airport. I will be driving up to be with DGS & DD (figure those out? good!) twice this week for dinner with puppies in tow. The puppies are *not* as comfortable in my car as they are in DH’s. Encouraging Dixie INTO the car is difficult enough. (Duncan has never had a problem). But when I drop the keys, and the paws land on them, setting off the alarm horns as I scrounge around under furry haunches to locate the button that turns them off…Oh my! We were all a little deaf after that experience.

When it was time to come home again, I practically had to drag Dixie over to the car. She travels just fine, but the getting in and out is not her favorite thing to do. Botheration.

BTW–Dinner last night was salmon, strawberry and baby spinach salad, and an orzo concoction whipped up by chef Jess. Yumm! Liam “read” stories to me and his mom before bed. A good day.