Sit right back and I’ll tell a tale,
A tale of a fateful trip…

Oh wait. That didn’t happen.

Last month we had the Valentines Day Nor’easter. This month it was the Saint Patrick’s Day Nor’easter. Our planned trip to New Jersey was buried under mounds of snow and icy weather conditions. Major bummer.

There are those people who do not believe me when I say my DH vacuums the snow on our property. The evidence is above. Note the even, chiseled sides of snow edging the now-bare ground. He did the brick sidewalk as an afterthought. In fairness, I admit that we generally come directly up to the house across the grass from the street.

Our puppies have been having a field day. The top layer of snowfall was very dense, so Duncan can usually walk across the top of it. Dixie takes a couple steps and floops down several inches. They run and pogo-stick bounce across the yard, digging out buried toys, bones and …other stuff.

Dixie found it first, snuffle-digging in the snow. Duncan scooped it away and pranced happily through the yard. Tossing, flipping, pouncing …nudging it in hopes it would participate more actively in the fun of keep-away.

For those curious individuals who insist on the close-up (heck-I had to get close-up to deal with it…NOT my favorite thing), here it is.

My DH stuffed a plastic bag in my pocket just in case I got brave. Bravery had nothing to do with it. He is going away on a business trip all next week. Loki loves to come play when DH is away. The servers crash, the puppies bring me presents from another food chain, toss their cookies at oh-dark-thirty at night, and general havoc follows in the wake of his absence.

There are positive sides to his trips as well. I get to sleep with all the shades up and wake up to morning light. I get to feast on my favorite box-foods or indulge my cravings for raw veggies that his allergies can’t handle. DH is a great cook, but I don’t always want (definitely don’t *need*) a full meal every night. And when he cooks, it smells too good NOT to eat it! I blast the radio, take all the hot water, and the puppies and I go for walks and miss him till he gets home again.