Baby Surprise Cardigan

I have been fascinated with this pattern concept for over a year. The mitered corners and color-blocking inherent in the design seemed too complex for my poor brain to figure out. I finally found a “beginner” pattern from the woman who probably invented it, Elizabeth Zimmerman. Her patterns are NOT for beginners, for they assume a lot of “knitteryy” understanding. I persevered. I knitted. Yes, it looked decidedly strange as I progressed through the pattern. I could NOT figure out the assembly until I was almost 2/3’s done. It works up all in one piece and at the end needs only two seams.

When I finished, it looks like this. I had fun tossing it on people’s desks at work and daring them to figure out the assembly. No one figured it out.

The finished cardigan knitted up rather quickly, all things considered. It fits a one-year-old. I plan on doing another one for a 6-9 month old by changing the weight of the yarn and needle size.

Front and Back Assembled Views

Having completed this, I suppose I had best go back to the &%!#* kitchner seam on the scarf, if only to GET IT AWAY FROM ME!