Kitchner stitch is evil! Evil, I tell you! Almost two hours of starting and stopping the online video as I attempted the “invisible grafting stitch” necessary to complete the beaded scarf. Only ONE glass of wine (maybe that was the problem—I should have had more wine!) to keep me company.

I was on the 4th redo of a mere 22 stitches. The first 3 times I only got to the first or second stitch before I messed up. Then I got cocky and continued on, refusing to look at the result (la-la-la- not looking!-la-la-la) until I neared the last 6 stitches and realized there was something seriously wrong. I started out with the same number of stitches on both needles, but now I could count only 4 on one and 6 on the other.


Undoing a kitchner stitch is not for the faint-hearted. Undoing it three and a half times already (I gave up for the night!) is insane!

To Bed! To nightmares of snarled yarn and taunting needles!

Ugh. Maybe some wine first…