Yesterday was the annual Un-Daytona party at Nancy & Phil’s in Connecticut. A motley assortment of biker scum arrived in cages (cars) and a couple hardly fools came on their bikes. (News flash: if it is cold outside, it is seriously frickin’ cold with the wind on a bike!) All these hardy individuals are, in their other lives, Walter Mitty-ish programmers, sys admins, bankers, and lawyers. (Think the cartoon ‘Rose is Rose’ character and her alter-ego, the foxy babe in leather biker.)

When riding season arrives, they turn into serious speed demons who favor twisty back roads and bike race tracks. They are not idiots, nor do any of them have death wishes to fulfill. They wear the proper gear and practice what they preach – yes, several of them teach riding classes for the Motorcycle Association.

That said…the conversational topics covered were: bikes, upcoming rides, their current health addictions/weight loss/fitness program (none of the women mentioned those…the guys were into it, though), their newest recipe concoction in the kitchen (again, the guys), current micro-brewing practices, the history of hops in beer (originally a preservative), job changes, home repairs and remodeling, kids (equal opportunity here) and grandkids (ibid).

A delightful time was had by all, but it was not the surprise of the day.

In our absence, Dixie and Duncan had a glorious time romping in the newly-developed mud pools in the bad yard.

A not-so-much surprise, there.

A box at the door for me, now THAT was a surprise and a very nice one it was, too!

The very bestedest presents in the world to me, are the ones that come for absolutely no reason at all. My DD Susan went to a Build-A-Bear Workshop and made me a “Read Teddy” (part of the proceeds of the sale went toward literacy and reading programs). As if that wasn’t adorable enough, she dressed him up as the Scarecrow in “The Wizard of Oz” with a very nice card attached – Is she not the bestedest daughter, ever?

My mother shared this with me this morning:


There are many organizations that help the homeless with food, clothing and shelter. The basic everyday needs like toilet paper and soap are in the budgets, but feminine hygiene products? Nope. Nada. Zilch. A virtual donation at Tamponification will donate a box of sanitary products to a women’s shelter in your chosen state—just for clicking the link. (And dragging the cute little heart inside the cute little house.)

Even Snopes validates it.

So click it. Click it GOOD.