Another surge of seriously COLD temps are wrapped in gale force winds out here, making the wind chill sit in the negative double-digits. This is probably my last chance to create in the snow this year (I hope!) because, outside of the snow creature-feature Liam and I did, it has been 2 years (see above) since I made any crystalline structure that wasn’t ice in an ice cube tray.

No snow angels. No mermaids. No forts or tunnels. There mostly hasn’t been enough snow to work with. And when there was snow, it was so cold that the crystals were actually too “dry” to pack together.

I could seriously get into spring, right about now, though. I fantasize about going outside without 3 layers of clothing under my arctic down coat, ear covering, muffler, boots, and hat…just to walk the dogs for 15 minutes. I wish I had been able to visit my mother if only for a long weekend. She lives in Tampa, and although their temps are colder than usual for them, they sounded positively balmy to me!

On the positive side, it isn’t February any more. Things are looking up!