After talking about it for months, I finally made the switch to Verizon. The real impetus for the change wasn’t the desire or need for better coverage (which are very nice, thank you very much), but procrastination. It’s amazing how many things I can get done when I am avoiding doing something else.

My DH was with me as we walked into the store. It was empty of customers but it still took a few minutes for a sales person to see us. First we were greeted and (no one in the store, mind you) a clerk took our names.

We wandered around. No one in the store. We heard our names (DH decided to try switching too) and went to the main desk.

As I began my list of questions, a mountain of people (composed of half adults and half under the age of 4) entered the store. We were still almost the last ones out.

My questions and order took almost a half hour. DH’s took the rest of the over two hours that we were there. He chose a high-end (competitive geek that he is) PDA-style module that would jump his monthly bill almost 300%. It was seriously cool, I admit that. But he only uses the phone part of his cell phone and does not need the extra data package. After playing with it for a few hours, he returned it the next day to get a model like mine, only silver.

That 300% bill increase? DH was still on his original cell phone package of $29.95/month and his original Star-Tak phone that was over 6 years old. He is still grumping that his new package is a 150% increase….

p.s. My number stayed the same and the changeover part was completed in less than 20 minutes, not the 4 days I had read about last year.