The question is:

What is the greatest medical milestone of the last century and a half?

Did you think X-rays?


Polio vaccine?


According to a poll carried out by the British Medical Journal, sanitation is the greatest medical milestone in the last 150 years. More specifically, plumbers were more important than doctors in last 150 years of medical advances!

The clear winner among 15 milestones shortlisted by readers of the journal, included the development of vaccines, which has safeguarded many children’s lives, and the invention of the contraceptive pill, which was a contributory factor to significant social change. Antibiotics were in second place. Anesthesia took third place.

The winner was chosen by more than 11,000 members of the public around the world, who were invited to read articles championing each of the 15 contenders by prominent scientists, either in the journal or on the BMJ website.

Read it yourself at:,,1994182,00.html

And on another high note, the work of plumbers is not outsourced to countries where Englilsh is a second language. Think about it…