It’s the latest fad. Everyone is doing it here at work!

This morning’s frosting of snow was still sifting down as I left the house. Although the steps had been clear yesterday morning, the deceptively soft-looking snow covered a new layer of ice underneath. Of course, I carefully…um…slipped. But carefully, so I landed not-too-hard on my well-padded tush, with my work bag full of knitting (no, I do not knit for pay–the work bag carries my lunch, too, and although it may seem like it from time to time, I am not paid to eat, either!) taking the brunt of the impact instead of my elbow and shoulder.

Brush off the car. Listen to the road report. Listen to the whine of cars attempting to stop as they near the bottom of our street.

Definitely a highway day. Cars are slow, but roads are plowed and showing salt and sand trucks in multiple locations. Definitely safer than the eye candy of my back roads which are made of steep hills and twisty, narrow roads.

So off I crawl to work. It took 25 minutes to travel 2 exits.

Overnight, the graceful curves of our company driveway became treacherous serpentine traps for the unsuspecting. I was going barely 15 miles per hour when I realized that my wheels had turned, but my car was into a serious Tokyo Drift maneouvre…slip-sliding straight towards the big delivery truck parked on the side of the two-lane driveway.

A minor scratch on my front license plate and a heart galumping skatey-eight miles an hour were the only damages.

WHY was the truck parked there, you ask? Because it had just helped another employees’ car out of the side ditch where it had landed after completing a 360-degree dance move of its own. Walking into the building I heard of more mishaps with the huge snow banks that line the parking lot.

Have I mentioned that I HATE February? These things only seem to happen in February. Beastly month.