Yesterday was my last Friday with my Liam. For the past six months I have gotten up at oh-frickin’-dark-thirty every Friday and traveled 40-45 minutes to spend the day with him while his parents went off to work. The offer was originally given to cover the gap between his 12-18 month status when he would be eligible for entry in the day care/preschool center where his mom works.

And then again, our plans are what keep God laughing. Liam is not going into the day care/preschool center where his mom works after all. He is in a local day care center for the next few months until his baby brother is born and his mom stays home fulltime. I could have returned to work at any time after the beginning of the year, but I didn’t want to miss this time with him. I was having too much fun.

Returning to work fulltime will put back the 20% pay cut I took to do this and also reduce my healthcare costs because the company will pay more of it for full-timers than three-quarter-timers. The money will be nice, no two ways about it. But I will miss our time together BIG time. It was a good trade and well worth it.


We had artistic differences of opinion on what we actually built yesterday. Originally we agreed to make a dinosaur but Liam changed his mind and wanted it to be a dog. His dad said it looked like a seal. Liam and I agreed it was just plain fun. Cold, wet fun. Jake (snoot in the air in the upper left of the picture) was disgusted because we didn’t go on a walk instead of this.

Good thing I still get to see him on weekends and Wednesday evening dinners, but it won’t be the same, you know?