I try to do it at home. The drying effects of winter on my skin causes a variety of skin conditions. My skin develops more than just fissures. I am also visited by scaly, rough patches that itch, and pimple-like rashes that are *SO* not anywhere in the realm of feminine desirability.

So I grease up. My preferred grease item is the AVON bath oil “Light and Lush” – all the skin softening of the original with the added bonus that I can breath in its presence. The next day the sheets all need to be washed so I try to make it worth it on as many levels as possible .

Soaking for 15 to 20 (or 60 or….) minutes in a hot tub is never a problem for me. I love lounging in the tub reading catalogs, tech manuals, or bubble-gum books in the sci-fi, vamp, or murder/mystery genre. What IS a problem lately, is getting my hands on the bath oil. I broke down and ordered it for full price (yikes!) then the blasted thing was not filled for a month. They kept insisting on sending me the foaming wash. Nope. Not that. Want oil! Want the real greaser!

The day they finally got the order right I saw it in the next catalog for half price. I nigh on to flipped! Got the corrected price AND ordered two more…just in case… because I can’t find it on the corporate website at the moment, either.

….non sequitor….

Down at the loo at work I noticed the packaging on a fresh roll of TP. “Made with 100% recycled fibers”—I found myself fervently hoping that the recycling was done from someplace OTHER than the john!