It is too cold outside to play – even for the dogs. They go out and come right back in and run around in the house. When their favorite playmate went to play with his “guy toy” (read: large snowblower), they all lined up on the couch to supervise.

No, there was no new snow.

The high winds did cause some drifting and my DH wanted to do a little more clean-up. He plowed out the drive pad which has a loose stone gravel bed. (Later, I end up picking huge gravel rocks out of the lawn all year when it isn’t covered with snow!) He plowed out the driveway (again). He widened the path from the street to the front door with his snow blower plow thingy. We don’t actually HAVE a path there, but that is how most people come up to the house, so he plows down to the dirt. Sort of like how I try to vaccum the leaves off the lawn in the fall, and about as futile!

Liam joined the dogs in supervising. Cute, yes?