My skin does not fit in the winter. Literally. It get spontaneous splits and cracks, fissures exposing raw nerves intended to function BELOW, not AT the skin surface.

My hands suffer the most. The dry air causes them to crack and then develop thick calluses along the edges of the cracks, creating even more “discomfort” in using my hands for anything normal like dressing, typing, turning pages of a book, or putting dishes away.

Superglue to the rescue! A few drops protect the raw, newly exposed nerves while the skin tries to heal.

The rate at which my body is falling apart has increased over the years. It used to be only a few serious splits every winter. Now it is held together with spandex and super glue.

My sister and mother went bionic. The new parts work far better and I am told that one day I might be a bionic subject as well.

But for now, I keep the super glue handy.