I was recently introduced to a new-to-me blogger who is in the throes of the worst cold you can imagine. She was mired in snot and still wrote delightfully humorous prose. By the end of the day I was sneezing uncontrollably, my nose dripping, eyes runny, and wondering where the blue blazes it came from. She was all I could think of.

Then again, this *is* February which is never my best month. I tried to reverse its curse many years ago with a “good thing” but it didn’t last as well as hoped.

I hate February. I whine in February. I hate whining, even my own. Especially my own. The month is dark and forever long, I don’t care that the number of days in it is less than any other, it feels like the longest month EV-VER to me.

Add a cold to that and I become a red-nosed, tissue-welding, whiny brat. It’s why I try to have a long weekend in warmth (Florida a couple times, Cancun once) during February when I am not buried in cold weather gear just to collect the mail.

I am going back to bed and not coming out till the sun brings temperatures higher than freezing. It’s my fantasy, I can pretend whatever I want!