A mobius strip has only one side and one edge.

M.C. Escher did a famous poster on it.

In knitting, however, creating a mobius strip by twisting the beginning and end of a row of cast-on stiches is generally considered a BIG mistake and grounds for frogging the entire project. They put it in capital letters: BE CAREUL NOT TO TWIST STITCHES. In over 3 decades of knitting, I never, ever twisted the yarn.

Until last weekend.

I didn’t notice for several rows.

I did learn that there actually are mobius knitting patterns—a book even!

I still had to start over…for the 3rd time (grrrr!) on this particular project. Stubborn fool that I am, I recast, recounted, and carefully completed 3 rows to ensure that twisting was no longer a possibility.

Pictures promised as the project progresses…