I finished the Playbill for the Westford Chorus 2007 season. It looks damn good, if I say so myself. And since I did do it all myself, I *can* say that!

But the program for the concert this coming weekend is another story. On that one, I admit to panicking just a mite. I am finally getting some last minute information (literally!) but now I have other time constraints to works around…you know…work? Laundry? Sleep?

Also, #1 son Phil is coming home tomorrow evening so I expect to have some last-minute schedule changes while he is here. It is not that I expect there to be much time actually spent in his company, but he will be using my car (I offered. It was the least stressful option. He is a good driver so that is okay.) so that will affect my own transportation scheduling. He is a very popular guy, you know!

I am looking forward to seeing CR’s new condo. Note how circumspect I am in identifying my co-worker. It is an accommodation for her comfort level. The last two people who occupied the office cube she is in were also very concerned with online security and did not indulge in any form of casual online identification. Maybe there are spores in the cubicle. But I digress…

Her open house is next weekend. I have seen a video of her new place, but it just is not the same as an in-person, on-site guided tour! Besides, she has a library to die for! She very kindly scheduled it for BEFORE my concert, so I can do both easily.

Phil’s room is mostly ready. There remains an almost dead spider plant and the pack-n-play to remove, along with dust deep enough to use for carbon dating the layers. I cleaned “his” bathroom (the hall one that Stephen uses mostly, but refuses to do the dirty–I mean, clean the dirty–in there.).

And laundry dinging in the dryer. Off I go.