But I keep trying.

As the poster child/adult for “all the patience of a boiling tea kettle,” I keep trying to absorb/digest/learn/master/comprehend/complete etc all sorts of things. This years’ (2007) list alone includes:

  • Learn a new coding technology in one fractured session (not happening).
  • Lose weight without changing my eating or exercise patterns, but fantasizing really, REALLY hard (ditto: seduced by homemade buttered popcorn every time).
  • Clean-to-the-point-of-sterility the entire house when it has been left to the dogs (literally) for ages.
  • Create a master plan for holiday decorations whereby they are packed up according to when they are needed as opposed to what fits best in the box next; complete with reminders for next year as to where they are, as well as what they are!

That last one is my current elephant.

It sounds like such a great idea, too, don’t you think? I delay decorating for the season because I know I have to cart down from the attic both huge plastic bins (plus miscellaneous forgotten parcels and boxes) and dig through them for the lights that go outside, the winter-theme holiday linens, the cutesy snowpeople statues, serving platters, signs, reindeer, red bows…yeah…all that stuff.

I read an article this year that said you should try to have at least one Christmas item in each room of your house. I tried that once. I kept finding things I forgot to pack away until Easter! But it *sounds* like such a good idea…

So…back to the elephant. I dismantled the tree and tugged it on to the back porch. Then I opened the big red holiday bins and began to sort. I sorted the lights for the tree in one pile and the lights for outside in another. The lights I have but never use (yup- still in unopened packages) were put in a third pile. They were a really great deal at one time, but…they are white icicle string lights and I have a dark brown house. Not much thinking going on there, now, was there?

I dug through and amassed the table linens, the party trays, the cutsie figurines, and the five boxes of Christmas cards I have leftover from the past few year (yes, also great deals…that will take me at least five years to use up!). This set is supposed to be the easiest and first to access portion of a box because I (theoretically, at least) start these in November.

There was a reason for having all the holiday stockings on top this past year. I was still in the process of knitting them. They go on the bottom, now, because they are the last to be hung for the holidays.

Above them will go the ornaments for on the tree, the new ornament hangers I made, the lights for the tree (see pile one above). I have a lot of ornaments I do not hang but cannot bear to throw away or even Freecycle. Tattered, aged ornaments from when my children were little tug at my heartstrings. I keep meaning to photograph them and give them a decent burial, but I am in denial that they are disintegrating. So I keep them, moving them aside year after year, for the ornaments that are not unsanitarily decomposing.

All this sorting and organizing takes space. Currently, the space it takes is the entire living room floor, the tops of the credenza and the piano, the kitchen table, and the back guest room.

So there is the plan and current status of the project.

The dogs resent not being able to use the sofa in front of the windows, their favorite hangout spot. When I am not working on the piles, they come find me and growl-whine and whoo-whoo until I either go back to it or take them out for a walk (done – long, one, too).

They’re back.