Down the hole.



I wear my car keys in my jeans pocket, something I might want to reconsider. In the space of maybe a third of a second I felt them leave my pocket and drop. I was rising from the throne after finishing my “biz’ness,” and I scooped up my jeans to pull them up along with my rising action. Blink. Swish.

Hubby said I should have reached in immediately and washed my hands after, but I swear I was so dumbfounded at the fluke I couldn’t have managed the action. Then there was the whole third-of-a-second part… The only times I managed those speeds was when I leapt across a room to rescue a tottering child who was intent on destroying a book or some animate object (sibling, dog, cat, goldfish…you get the idea).

That is the second time this year I lost something important down the loo. In March it was my iPAQ. Also in my pocket.

Now it is just barely Christmas Day 2006 and I am finishing up my hot toddy in an attempt to sooth my very sore throat. There is still much to be done, but sleep wins.

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Happy Birthday, Lori!